Catrine "New" Mill
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Catrine New Mill
Catrine New Mill
Photos Terry Harrison
Photo - Anon
Right: Catrine New Mill, with the Old Mill in the background.
Catrine New Mill from Brae Taps
Photos Terry Harrison
Catrine New Mill Half Demolished
Photo Terry Harrison
Photo Jimmy Sharp
Right: A view from the corner of Bridge Street as the last of the New Mill was being pulled down
Catrine New Mill in Winter
Catrine New Mill and Holm Farm Road
Photo Robin Tannock
Photo Jim Bryson
Left: New Mill in winter. 1980s.
Right: Catrine new Mill and Holm Farm Road. Pre 1964, as the auld mill can be seen in the current day Mill Square.

Catrine - Holm Farm, and New Mill Catrine - Holm Farm Road
Photos - Lynette Stewart
Lynette supplied these two images of Catrine in the 70s or 80s, via a work mate, whose name is missing.
The contributor's name will be used when found. They show Catrine New Mill, and Holm Farm Road.

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