Photo Murray Pringle & Jock Foster
Photo Jimmy Taylor
         Auldhouseburn House. Built in 1610, rebuilt in 1884. Famous for its vault in the nearby wood. When it was occupied by the Hunters the remains of the corpses were removed from the vault in the dead of night to be re-interred in the Kirkyard.
Right: Auldhouseburn Golf Course. The Clubhouse and 9th green. The course was opened in 1910 and closed in 1957.

Auldhouseburn Colliery (Bankhead Pit), 1911

Bankhead Row with Canal and Pug Line to front

"Driving to Blazes" at Auldhouseburn Golf Course

Putting Out at Auldhouseburn Golf Course

The Bog and John (Old Ironstone Quarries)

The Village from Auldhouseburn

Auldhouseburn House

Rigend Cottage, at the foot of Cairntable

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