The History of Ayrshire & It's Families
Paterson 1852 

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A few relevant chapters from a very interesting book about the history of Ayrshire and it's Families, dated 1852. The work the gentleman put into this book is invaluable, and judging by his comments in the preface, for no financial reward.

Warning: The files are images/ graphics of each page and are around 500k each. The effect is authentic, giving the feel of reading the old book, complete with the old yellow coloured pages.
Maybe as time allows they will also be transferred to smaller text files. The Mauchline and Muirkirk pages are optimised as transparent gif images, and are much smaller files.
Thank you to The Boswell Museum Auchinleck for the scan of the book.


Sorn Parish

Mauchline Parish

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Page 330 Page 331 Page 332 Page 333 Page 334 Page 335
Page 336 Page 337 Page 338 Page 339 Page 340  

Muirkirk Parish

Page 390 Page 391 Page 392 Page 393

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