Ayrshire Directory - 1837 - by Pigot & Co

Muirkirk is a thriving and considerable village, the capital of the parish of its name, in the district of Kyle; 50 miles WSW from Edinburgh, 30 s from Glasgow, 26 E by E from Ayr, 24 SE from Kilmarnock, and 16 NW from Sanquhar; situate near the right bank of the water of Ayr, at the junction of the roads leading from Glasgow to Dumfries, and from Edinburgh to Ayr; and in a district rude and bleak, the land being but partially reclaimed from its original mossy and moorish character; another considerable portion is, however, profitably employed in grazing and pasture, and in 1835, the black-faced sheep fed in this parish carried the Highland Society's prize. Though nature has not here been bountiful to the farmer, or encouraged the labours of the agriculturist, she has been abundantly kind to the miner, for coal, iron and limestone are liberally dispensed throughout the territory. At the "Muirkirk Iron Company's works are three blast furnaces, constantly in operation, for the manufacture of pig-iron; the malleable description is also produced here, both in rolled and hammered state. There are, besides, extensive tile and lime works, belonging to the Duke of Portland, who, with Lord Douglas and the Hon. Colonel Cathcart, are the principal proprietors of the land in this parish. Its length is nine miles, by an average breadth of about six; bounded on the north-east by Douglas, on the east by Kirkconnel, on the south by Cumnock, and on the west by Loudon. In the village are two libraries, which are well conducted, and the like number of good Inns - the "Black Bull" and the "Masons Arms". Fairs are held in the months of July, August, and December. Post Office, Adam McCaul, Post Master - The English and south letters arrive (from Douglas) every afternoon at half past one, and are dispatched every morning at half past eight - Letters from Kilmarnock arrive every morning at half past eight, and are dispatched every afternoon at half past one.


Aird, Alexander, esq. of Crossflatt Aird, Rev. John Allison, Andrew, esq. of Tardoors Brown,Wm. esq. of Greenockmains Officer, Mr William Pearson, Muirkirk Symington, Rev. James, Manse


Begg, Margaret Gigson, James Johnstone, John Kay, Robert, (Black Bull) Taylor, Samuel Thomson, Archibald, (Mason's Arms)


Callum, Robert Iron Works Company School, William Brydon, master Johnston, WilliamMcCarthy, James Muir, James


Aird, William, miller and sawyer 

Bailey, Margaret, dress maker 

Begg, John, smith and farrier 

Blackwood, James, joiner 

Blackwood, Marion, dress maker 

Brown and Wilson, stone masons 

Brydon, Thomas, shopkeeper 

Dollan, Margaret, draper Ferguson 

John, manager of colleries 

Fletcher, Janet and Ann, millners and dress makers 

Forrest, John, shopkeeper 

Gibson, James, shopkeeper 

Gibson, Margaret, dress maker 

Gray, David, surgeon 

Hamilton, Andrew, draper 

Harkness, James, boot & shoe maker 

Holm, David, tailor 

Lapraik, John, cooper 

Lennox, Margaret, dress maker 

McCaul, Adam, merchant and stamp distributor 

McClonnachan, John, shoe maker 

McGhee, Margaret, dress maker 

McKerrow, John, ironmonger 

Meikle, James, blacksmith 

Muir, Joseph, grocer & spirit dealer 

Muirkirk Iron Company, Thomas Carswell and William Falconer, resident partners 

Reid, Alexander, tailor 

Robertson, Daniel, draper 

Robertson, John, tailor 

Smith, Hugh, boot and shoe maker 

Smith, James, boot and shoe maker 

Smith, Wm., boot and shoe maker 

Swinton, John, joiner and glazier 

Taylor, Samuel, shopkeeper 

Telford, Thomas, tailor 

Thomson, Robert, grocer 

Thomson, William, tailor 

Whyte, James, manager of the Duke of Portland's tile &c works 

Whyte, Thomas, baker and joiner


To Ayr, John Lambie, from the Black Bull every Monday and Thursday

To Cumnock (Old), John Kerr, from the Black Bull, every Tuesday and Friday, and Robert Latts every Thursday

To Edinburgh, Robert Latts, every Saturday

To Glasgow, James Ronald, from his house, every Monday and Thursday

To Kilmarnock, John Kerr, from the Black Bull, every Tuesday and Friday

To Ochiltree, John Lambie, from the Black Bull, every Monday and Thursday

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