Sorn People At Work
Photo Tam McClatchie
Photo Terry Harrison
                    Left: This is an image of the Sorn roadman and his horse.
The man in the photo is Tam's grandfather, who stayed at Wellhill, between Auchmannoch and Auchencloigh.
Right: Dalgain, Willie Wither on the right

Photos Terry Harrison
Left: Unid, Dannywilson (Sorn), Park (Waulkmill), unid.
Right: John Montgommery 2nd from the right

Photo Terry Harrison
Photo Chris Lees

Photo David Sommervel
Photo Terry Harrison
                              The image on the left shows the shed (centre) where the old "Tortank" was.
On the right is the men and the tractor which pulled the tank of tar, to repair the roads.

Photos George Black
Left: The local Policemen in the Catrine and Sorn area, 1950s. PC John Black, right and a PC Brown of Catrine,left. Anyone name the Serg?
Right: 16 Woodlands Road was at one time both the home of John Black the Policeman as well as being the small local office.

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