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Photos - Kenny Baird
This set of photos were taken in June 2009 from Mauchline Hill on an exceptionally clear day.
The Irish coastline is seen on the right hand image, and the Irish Ferry just above the Church Spires on the horison.


Photos - Kenny Baird
The Heads of Ayr from Mauchline Hill in June 2009, with the Irish coastline very clear in the distance.
The image on the right shows the Irish ferry heading past Sanda Island.


Photos - Kenny Baird
A couple of views taken on 21st Feb 06 during a beautiful sunset. The distant coastline of Northern Ireland is seen at times like this from the vantage point of Mauchline Hill, possibly around the area of Runabay Head, north of Cushendun. The camera was zoomed in on the Heads of Ayr, on the left, and the enhanced colour on the right shows a wider view. The southerly tip of Kintyre is seen on the far right of the image on the right. Sanda island is also seen almost straight above Outmains Farm, Tarbolton, or just to the left of the light on the long image.

Photos - Google Earth
As reported in various old books, inc JTG book page 86 the view from Mauchline Hill is stunning. A couple of statements in the pages of JTG book by the Rev Wilson Baird suggest that Jura is not seen from the hill top, and neither is the mainland of Northern Ireland. My suggestion to any scholar is to run a straight line or ruler from Mauchline on any map, past the heads of Ayr, and see what the land mass beyond could possibly be. Further more, look at the whereabouts of Rathlin Island and see if it would be possible to view these remote parts of Northen Ireland past the headland of Kintyre. And as a final project, take a look at the image below of one of the paps of Jura, as taken from Mauchline Hill, Feb 2006!! It can be seen just at the North of Arran, even with the naked eye. However elsewhere in the book, mention is made of being able to see the time on the toon clock in Tarbolton with a good glass from Mauchline Hill. This has not been achieved so far with what is thought to be quite a good glass!! Perhaps it is a good glass of scotch to which the author was referring!!

Photos - Kenny Baird
Left: Taken in Feb 06, one of the Paps of Jura (right), seen to the north of Arran. Because of the lie of the land, the other Paps which can be seen from other vantage points, are screened from here.
Right: Mauchline Kirk, taken from the hilltop on 31st January 06, during a sharp early morning frost.

Photos - Library and Information service, East Ayrshire Council
The left hand image despite the caption on the original postcard, is not taken from the top of Mauchline Hill Top, but just on the outskirts of the village.

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