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Share and Archive for future Generations:

This web site has been on going for a good number of years. The main effort is to preserve old photographs and documentation in a non fading digital format, for the benifit of future generations. Initially the going was tough. Virtually no one had any concept of the act of digital preservation. Some folks saw the devil in the internet, some wanted to hold on to their precious collections, as though they were never going to get them back, which happened time and time again with paper copies of images. Nowadays this concern is virtually a thing of the past.

Now ayrshirehistory.com has been established for many years, and most people are aware that to scan an image causes no damage to the original. Many images and articles throughout this site have come from far and wide, supplied by folks whose ancestors came from Ayrshire. A look at the contributions already received, will show the support we have had in the last few years. The idea is simply to build up an archive of as much material as possible, and make it available world wide, 24 hours a day.

If you would like to assist this most public of collections, click the contact button on the top right and get in touch.

Also if anyone has any information to add, any assistance is greatly received. Help has been particularly poor regards text to go with the images, thus it leaves a lot of work still to be done.

Unfortunately the areas covered are limited because of the time factor. At one time the idea of covering at least the whole of Ayrshire was thought to be a full time employment prospect, but even as a spare time project, the little area along the beautiful banks of the River Ayr has been reasonably well documented.