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This collection of higher res images is taken mainly from a collection of glass slides and negatives, from the original collection of Mauchline author, photographer, local historian, and minister, John Taylor Gibb. JTG was also the first president of the current day Mauchline Burns Club.

The late Willie Lyle of Auld Avenue in Mauchline (not Willie that had the shop) kept the collection for many years. Willie and his father before him, were well known in the Mauchline area for their "Magic Lantern" slide shows. Thanks to a combination of circumstances and some influence from Paul Haining, Willie shared his collection with the world here on ayrshirehistory.com in 2002.

Since Willie's death in 2009, the original collection is now with Willie's son, also called Willie, but he does not live in Ayrshire, and hence the collection whilst still in existence, is well out of the area. Many other JTG images are kept in the Burns House Museum in Mauchline.


ABOUT: These high res shots are best in full screen mode in Internet Explorer/ Firefox. Toggle by using F11. Designed around a screen size of 1024 by 768. Anyone who still uses dial up connections should be aware of this part of the web site which could take time in downloading, as the images are on average 200k.

These pages are still being completed and added to. There is also so much text to add as time permits. Hopefully in 2011, this part of the project will at least be a little way to being complete. There are now in the region of 330 pages in this so called slideshow of full screen size images.

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