Family History - Drummonds of Bogwood

Family history contributions are welcome, and from Doug Heath in Canada, comes an extensive report on the Drummond family, from Bogwood Farm (and elsewhere).

From Doug Heath, 

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I would like to connect with the Hodge and Wyllie family as I am sure that they have the family bibles etc. Some time ago I sent the Hodge's of Bogwood a package of information, sure would appreciate connecting. I believe the unknown girl in the Drummond photo is the Isobel who married a Hodge and it is their family who runs or owns Bogwood now. Sure would like any history or story on Bogwood for the future generations. The St. John's have visited and I have their pictures of the farm. Would their be any real photos.. Also would appreciate a family photo for publication. I would be interested in finding out about your family and to see if I have the correct information. As you noticed , I did not go into the Baird's but that can be another project. My neighbour some miles away is Bonnie Suchan who has help in this research. Her g g grandfather was employed with the Wallace and Drummond Family and when he got married and immigrated to Saskatchewan they were sent a cow for a wedding present. What a small world we now live in. The other person I would like to contact would be the Wallace of Auchenbrain farm. I have photos of their family but no names dates ext. Also a photo of the farm would be appreciate. In the Legacy story. I have tried to spell the farm names right, but I am sure I have mistakes.

Kenny...All I can say is Thank You for allowing me to participate in your project.


P.S. One day I will get off the net and travel to Scotland and see it for myself.

Photo Doug Heath
Photo Hughy Hodge

Left Image: left to right:
Back Row:
Alex Wyllie (b.1850 - d. ?) who married Jessie Drummond, Dr. James Drummond (b.1850- d. ? ), Unknown girl , I think she is Isobel Jessie Grey (b1874 d. ?) who could have married David Hodge and their family now own Bogwood ?) Robert Drummond (b.1844 d. 1899) who married Margaret Grey Hodge
William or Robert Wallace (b. 1843 d. 1911 ) who married Elizabeth Drummond

Front Row:

Bella (Wales) Hyslop Drummond (b 1848 d. ?) whose husband was John Drummond (b.1846 d.1894) She is the only one without a flower but is holding a small prayer book? So the photo could have been taken in 1894 as the clan gathered for the John's death. Jessie Drummond Wyllie (b.1852 d?) Grampa Robert Drummond ( b.1825 d.1899) Grama Margaret Lambie Drummond ( b.1814 d.1907) Elizabeth Drummond Wallace (b.1848 d.1939) Margaret (Maggie) Hodge Gray ( b1845. d. 1923) Boy in front is unidentifed but could be the son of Bella and John Drummond?
Family members missing are John Drummond and William Drummond who was in Canada about that time of this photo.

Right Image: A milk cart belonging to Hodge of Bogwood, on the Cumnock Road, Mauchline. The side of the cart reads BOGWOOD FARM.

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