John Taylor Gibb
Born 1864 - Died 14th April 1948 Aged 84

A mention of the name John Taylor Gibb in the Mauchline area among many, may be met by blank faces. Yet, because of the work of this now little known Mauchline man in the late 1800s and early 1900s, we have an insight into village life over a hundred years ago. Many may have seen the book, “Mauchline Town And District” published in 1911, which is a historic look at Mauchline and district from this time. Throughout the book, Gibb includes a large selection of photographs.

JTG's relative Willie Lyle of Mauchline still owns the original negatives to most of these images. They are to be seen here extensively in the on line slideshow, and elsewhere.

In and American publication, “A BURNS HANDBOOK” by John D Ross 1931, the following text is included before the contents pages.

Inscribed to Mr J Taylor Gibb FSA (Scot)
A native and lifelong resident of Mauchline;
Author of Mauchline Town & District etc;
A distinguished Burns scholar,
critic, and lecturer, & for many years a
vice President of the Burns federation.

Mr J Taylor Gibb above, left, as a young man. On the right he is seen with his dog Prince.
John Taylor Gibb, taken at an outing by the Mauchline veteran outing to Gourock 26th June 1929.

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