Water Pumps
To date there are photos available of 7 water pumps in Mauchline village, and another if The Loudoun Spoot is counted. These are mainly samples of a much larger photo, ie the original image was not a photo of the pump. except in one instance. They are:
The Coogate, Burngrange Lane, High Street/ Cross, New Road/ Kilmarnock Road, Hamilton Place, Loudoun St west, Loudoun Street middle.

Photos Willie Lyle
The old water pump at The Coogate, left, and Burngrange Lane, right
Photo Willie Lyle
Photo Phemie Smith
The old water pump at The Cross/ High Street, left, and New Road, right.
Photo Margaret Gay
Photo Library & Info Sce, EAC
The old water pump at Hamilton Place, left, and New Street/ Loudoun Street, right. The Loudoun Arms is on the right of the image.
Photos Willie Lyle
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