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Many collectors and enthusiasts will have seen the reference numbers at the bottom or top etc of old postcards. I have yet to see a list of these anywhere, so I have included many of the cards in the collection / archives of ayrshirehistory.com here which have reference numbers.

Much work is still required for this page. Do check back.

Of course many of the old cards in the archives have no reference numbers.


632/5 Barskimming House Bridge
632/8 Blair The Baker's, Loudoun Street, Mauchline (Reliable Series)
632/15 Barskimming Mill, Mauchline
632/45 Haugh, Mauchline (ahcom)
632/48 Poosie Nansie's, Mauchline

3745 (jv) Howford Bridge, Mauchline (Valentine Series) (ahcom)
23569 (jv) Mauchline from Hill Top (Actually bottom of hill)
23783 (jv) Mauchline Cross (ahcom)
28065 (jv) Mauchline Parish Church (ahcom)
59315 (jv) Barskimming Road, Mauchline, inc 10mph sign. (Pheamie)
92127 (jv) Mauchline Cross and old cars (ahcom)
92134 (jv) Poosie Nansie's, Mauchline (One with the garage sign) (jw)
Unreadable (jv) Loudoun Street, Mauchline (ahcom)
B3499 Poosie Nansie's (same image as 3567)

Mauchline National Burns Memorial Tower (ahcom)

B3567 Poosie Nansie's (same image as 3499) (ahcom)
CC.1177 Mauchline 60's / 70's multi view (ahcom)


1082 Jacob's Ladder , Catrine. (BI) (McCall, Post Office, Catrine series)
1083 New Bridge, Catrine. (BI) (McCall, Post Office, Catrine series)
203/4 River View, Catrine (ahcom)
203/6 Ballochmyle House (anon)
203/10 Big Wheel, Catrine Mill
203/11 Catrine from Whiteflat Wood (anon)
203/14 The Big Mil, Catrine (BI) (ahcom) (Spelling wrong)
203/15 Daldorch House, Catrine (anon)
203/18 View of Sorn from Woodhead
203/19 Greyhound (no car)
203/20 River View from Auld Brig
203/24 Glenlogan, Sorn (anon)
203/27 Coalford
203/28 Sorn Castle
203/30 Sorn Castle
203/34 Catrine from Whiteflat Woods (Inc Holm Farm Rd) (ahcom)
203/40 Catrine. General View(BI)
203/41 Catrine Public School. (BI)
203/42 Cowan Place, Catrine (Eric R)
203/43 Catrine Parish Church (anon)
203/44 Golf on Sorn Hill
203/46 Catrine from Cowan Place (Mill Street looking towards mill) (EH) (SR) (anon)
203/50 Doon the Water, Catrine. (Inc Holm Farm Road) (EH)
203/51 Sorn Castle (EH)
203/63 Catrine Railway Station (anon)
203/70 Ballochmyle House, Catrine (anon)
203/78 Ballochmyle Viaduct, near Catrine (anon) (ahcom)
203/81 Jacob's Ladder, Ballochmyle (anon)
203/82 Fog House, Ballochmyle
203/84 Sorn Main St at Sorn Inn
203/??? River view of Wheelhouse etc
203/100 Sorn Castle, Catrine (text on card!!) (anon)
203/101 Resovoir, Catrine (bi)
203/103 River Ayr, Catrine (anon)
203/105 Wood Street, Catrine (anon)
203/106 Daldorch House, Catrine (anon)
203/107 St Cuthbert's Street, Catrine
203/108 Ayr Street, & War Memorial, Catrine (anon)
203/109 Mauchline Road, Catrine (anon)
203/113 Fog House, Ballochmyle (ahcom) may be 203/115
5544x Catrine Square (bi)
5545x Catrine Kirk (Modern colour image) (anon)
6430x Catrine Village (bi)
7069x Teen Mission, Catrine (Modern colour image) (anon)
6732 Sorn School (Fitzwilliams)
6733 Sorn Castle   (Fitzwilliams)
6734 Auld Bridge (Fitzwilliams)
6735  Main Street 60s (Fitzwilliams)
B6490 Catrine from Cemetery, inc Mauchline Road (EH)
B6884 Catrine from New Mill (anon)
B6885 Catrine from New Mill (BI)
B6886 Catrine New Mill (anon)
B6888 St Cuthbert St, Catrine (BI)
PN3758 Mauchline Road , Catrine (anon) (ahcom)
PN3759 Park Terrace, Catrine (anon) (ahcom)
PN3760 Sorn Castle (ahcom)
PN3761 St Cuthbert St, Catrine (ahcom)
PN3762 Catrine (anon)
PN3763 St Cuthbert Street, Catrine (anon)
PN3763 St Germain Street, Catrine (anon)
PN3765 Cooperative Avenue, Catrine (anon)
7687 Big Wheel, Catrine Mill
3146x (jv) Ballochmyle House (anon) (Possibly 3196x)
3299 (jv) Ballochmyle Viaduct
8292 (JV) Ballochmyle Viaduct, Sorn Castle (Sorn Castle)
30392 The Braes o' Ballochmyle (Inc Viaduct) (BI)
35845 (jv) Resovoir, Catrine (anon)
35848 (jv) St Germain Street, Catrine (anon)
48942 (jv) Catrine From East (anon)
48944 (jv) Catrine From Railway Station (anon) Also Catrine Public School (anon)
48945 (jv) Catrine Farm (Dugald Stewart's House) (EH)
48947 (jv) St Germain Street, Catrine (CA)
48949 (jv) Catrine From North (anon)
48950 (jv) View above resovoir, Catrine (St Cuthbert Street) (EH) (anon)
48951 (jv) St Cuthbert Street, Catrine (anon)
75544 (jv) Catrine from above resovoir(anon)
75544 (jv) St Cuthbert Street and Resevoir Catrine (anon)
75545 (jv) Chapel Street and Etablished Church, Catrine (anon)
75546 (jv) Mill Street, Catrine
80805 (jv) Ballochmyle House, Mauchline



A4530 John Finnie Street (ahcom)



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