PIGOT 1837

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Please note the spelling is left as the original contribution from Keith in Queensland

Ayrshire Directory - By Pigot & Co 1837

Catrine is a thriving manufacturing village in hte parish of Sorn, 72 miles wsw of Edinburgh, 32 s of Glasgow, 14 e by n of Ayr, 12 sw of Kilmarnock, 5 from Old Cumnock, and 4 from Ochiltree; pleasantly situate nearly in the centre of the county, on the north bank of the river Ayr.  This place has risen from insignificance to a considerable town.  In 1787 its site contained only a blacksmith's shopand a meal mill, while its present population numbers nearly 3,000 persons. The cause of this surprisingly rapid increase is the erection of cotton works by the late Claud Alexander, Esq. of Ballochmyle, who, having acquired a large fortune in the East Indies, purchased the land for the purpose of establishing works thereon, by which he might increase the value of his property here. 

But not understanding the cotton business himself, he formed a partnership with the late David Dale, merchant of Glasgow, with whom he carries on the business until the 13th April, 1801, when it was entered upon by Messrs James Finlay & Co, since which period the works here have been very considerably increased.  At first the spinning of cotton yarn for sale was carried on to a limited extent; but this has been greatly extended: nearly the whole is made into cloth by power looms, and about 60,000 yards are produced weekly, employing nearly 900 hands, besides many others in the process of bleaching, the works in which branch are considerable.  It is impossible to speak in adequate terms of the excellent manner in which this extensive concern is, for it not only gives employment, and, therefore, the means of support to the labouring classes, but the health and morals of every individual, in any way connected with it, are studied in a manner the most laudable to the proprietors.  Schools, with efficient teachers, are provided, in which every branch of moral and useful instruction is imparted to about 200 of both sexes: there is also a sewing school in which the girls are taught needlework, and to make articles of dress for their own use. 

A Sabbath evening school has also been established, to which a library is attached, consisting of upwards of 500 volumes, and free sittings in the chapel are provided for those attending the school whose circumstances require gratuitous accommodations.  The feuars (?) of the village have bought the chapel from Mr Alexander, by whose father it was erected about forty years ago.  A further proof of the prosperity of all around these works is, that most of the workmen have been able to purchase from the company the houses in which they live.  The other principal trading establishments are two for the manufacture of a peculiar and beautiful description of snuff boxes. 

Sorn Castle, about a mile and a half from Catrine, once the seat of the Loudon family, is now the property and residence of Mrs Sommerville, who, with Miss Farquhar, Sir James Boswell, and Claud Alexander, Esq., are the principal heritors of the parish of Sorn - which abounds with coal, limestone and ironstone.  Douglas Stewart, Esq., the late celebrated professor of moral philosophy, in Edinburgh, was born in the neighbourhood of Catrine. The parish of Sorn, is bounded on the east by Muirkirk, on the south by Auchinleck, on the west by Mauchline, and on the north by Galston and Strathaven.  The form of the parish is nearly square, measuring about six and a half miles each way; it formed a part of the extensive parish of Mauchline, till the year 1656; the parish church stands about three miles distant from that village.  The land originally moorish, has been much improved and well enclosed; and there are fine plantations near the Ayr, which river runs through the parish, from east to west.

Mauchline, a considerable village and capital of the parish of its name, 2˝ miles from Catrine; is situate in a pleasant part of the county, and surrounded on all sides by a delightful country, intersperced with several elegant mansions.  The buildings are neat and possess an air of pleasing variety.  Mauchline Castle, the present residence of Alexander Hamilton, Esq., is an ancient building, well deserving the notice of the antiquarian. There are several excellent benevolent societies for the relief of sick members and poor widows, and a bible society has been, for a length of time, promoted with success. The parish school  is well conducted and numerously attended.  The weaving of cotton goods in this, as in all the towns of the neighbourhood, forms the principal support of the inhabitants.

There is, however, besides, in the town, two considerable manufacturories for snuff boxes, cigar cases, &c., (that belonging to Messrs W and A Smith enjoys the patronage of royalty), and a respectable branch of the Commercial Bank of Scotland. The parish is seven miles in length, and its extreme breadth is five miles. The Duke of Portland, Lord Glenlee, Sir James Boswell and Claud Alexander, Esq., are the principal heritors. Burns resided several years at Mossgiel, a small farm, about half a mile to the north of Mauchline, on the left side of the road from thence to Kilmarnock.  The steading may still be seen environed by a few trees, as well as the fields, in traversing which, it is said, he composed some of his best poems. His chief resort, when he visited Mauchline, was the public-house, kept by John Dow, which still stands, - a well thached house of two flats, nearly opposite the church-yard gate.  The cottage of "Poosie Nansie", or Mrs Gibson, the scene of "the Jolly Beggars", stands more immediately opposite the church-yard gate. 

Mauchline kirk, the scene of the "Holy Fair", was of the pure barn species.  There is now an elegant new church, in the gothic style, with a steeple.  In the surrounding cemetery may be seen the graves of the Rev. Mr Auld. Nanse Tinnock, and several other persons who figure in the satires of Burns; and on the banks of the Ayr, at a short distance from Mauchline, is the scene of some of the bard's more pleasing poems, his lyrics particularly.

Post Offices

Post Office, Wood street, Catrine,  Peter Stewart, Post master – Letters from all parts of Scotland arrive from Mauchline every morning at eight, and are despatched every afternoon at two. - Letters from England arrive from Sorn (by foot post) every afternoon at four, and are despatched every night at nine.

Post Office, Sorn, R.K. Dalgleish, Post master - Letters from Kilmarnock and the north arrive every morning at seven, and are despatched every afternoon at half past two. - Letters from England arrive from Douglas every afternoon at half past two and are despatched every morning at seven. - Letters from Mauchline arrive (by foot post) every morning at half past nine, and from Cumnock every night at nine and are despatched every afternoon at half past two. Post Office,

Mauchline, Hugh Wilson, Post master - The mail from Edinburgh, with letters from the north of Scotland, and Glasgow, Kilmarnock, and Ayr, arrive every morning at six.- The mail from Douglas, with letters from all parts of England, arrives every afternoon at three. - Letters to all parts of England and Scotland (except Edinburgh) are despatched every morning at six, and afternoon at three, at which latter hour are also forwarded letters for Edinburgh.


Alexander, Claud, esq., of Ballochmyle
Braberan (?), Lady Cecilia, of Kinginckley
Campbell, Robt., esq., of Auchmannock
Campbell, William, esq., of Nether pl
Douglas, George, esq., of Rodinghead
Farquhar, Miss Margaret, of Gillmannock
Glenlee, the Hon., Lord, Barskimming
Hamilton, Colonel (of West port), Cairnhill
Hamilton, Miss Margaret, Loudon st, Mauchline
Ranken, George, esq., (of Whitefield), Barnhead
Somervell, Mrs Agnes, (of Hamilton farm), Sorn castle
Stewart, Rev. John,  Sorn manse
Stewart, Lieut.-Col. Matt of Catrine
Tod, Rev. John, Manse, Mauchline
Walker, Rev. John, Mauchline
Wallace, Mrs Ferrier, Cairnhill
White, Thomas, esq., of Sawrston
Woodrow, Robert, esq., of Viewfield


Bryan, William, Mill square
Catrine Works School - James Park, master
Currie, Rev. James, Stewart place
McClymont, John, Sorn
Parochial School, Mauchline - Thomas Mitchell, master
Parochial School, Sorn - Adam Smith, master
Patrick, John, St. Cuthbert's, Holm
Sloan, (?), Sorn
Smith, Hugh, Mauchline


Ferguson, William, Mauchline
Hamilton, James, Bridge st
Miller, John, Mauchline
Walker, William, St. Germain st
Wilson, George, Mill square BANK
Commercial Bank of Scotland (Branch), Mauchline -
(draws on that establishment, Edinburgh, and Jones, Loyd & Co. London)
John Strathdee, agent


Bogle, David, Sorn
Brown, James, Ayr street
McKinlay, Alexander, St. Cuthbert st
Meikle, Thomas, Mauchline
Taylor, James, Cowan place


Brown, John, Mill square
Garvan, James, Mauchline
Gibb, James, Mauchline
Hamilton, Robert, Stewart place
Howat, George, Mill square
Howat, Thos, (& leather cutter), Mill sq
Le Praik, James, Sorn
McIntyre, John, Mill square
McKinnal, Thomas & James, Mill st
Nisbet, Robert, Mauchline
Reid, John, Sorn
Seaton, William, Mill st
Simpson, Hugh, Sorn
Weir, William, Mauchline
Wilson, Janet, Mill st
Wilson, John, Sorn
Wilson, Thomas, Mauchline


Baird, John, Sorn
Buchanan, Alexander,  Town head
Caldow, John, New mill, Sorn
Cowan, Andrew, Mill st
Cowan, Robert, Cowan place
Gemmell, John, Lint mill Sorn
Goudie, Robert, Mauchline
Granger, Robert, Holm head, Sorn
Lees, David, Mauchline
Lees, William, Mauchline
McCulloch, Hugh,  Sorn
McGill, James, Mauchline
McKinna, John, Ford st


James Finlay & Co, proprietors
Alex. Buchanan, resident partner
John Barclay, manager of Cotton Works
James Barclay, manager of Bleach Works


Bryan, William, Mill Square
Wilson, Hugh, Mauchline


Insurance Company of Scotland (fire), & Edinburgh Assurance Company (life), Mauchline
John Strathdee, agent


Climmie, Hugh, Mill square
Crosby, James, Mill st
Little, William, StGermain st
McClelland, Thomas, Mauchline

Bryan, David, St Cuthbert st
Caldwell, David, Mill st
Dalgleish, Robert Kirkland (& wholesale dealer in meal & cheese), Sorn
Ferguson, John, (and dealer in meal and cheese), Sorn
Gemmell, Thomas, Mill square
McGaan (?), Robert, Mill st
McMurtrie, Henry, St Germain st
Nisbet, Robert,  Mauchline
Paterson, John, St Germain st
Reid, Hugh, Wood st
Wallace, John, Wood st


Baird, Hugh, (Greenfoot Inn), Sorn
Bryan, David, (Black Bull) St Germain st
Calderwood, William, (Cross Keys), Mauchline
Caldwell, David, Mill st
Kirkland, Robert, Sorn
Lindsay, David, (Black Bull), Mauchline
Lockhead, James, Mauchline
McClelland, Hugh, Mauchline
McClelland, Thomas,  Mauchline
McCubbin, Mary, Bridge st
McGaan, Robert, (Sun), Mill st
McGaan, William, Mauchline
McMurtrie, Henry, St Germain st
Morton, William, Wood st
Muir, Matthew, Mauchline
Murray, Thomas, Stewart place
Nisbet, Jean, Mauchline
Paterson, John, (Crown) St Germain st
Retson, John, Sorn
Sharp, James, Mauchline
Smith, Hugh, Mauchline
Stirling, Hugh, Mauchline
Young, Andrew, (Star), Mauchline


McGaan, Andrew, Mauchline


Brown, Thomas, St Germain st
Fleming, Robert, Mill square
Goldie, John, Mauchline
McGaan, John, (& hatter), Mauchline
McMaster, James, Mill st
Smith, James, St Germain st


Paton, Euphemia, Mauchline
Ross, Agnes, Mauchline


Brown, James, Mauchline
Mason, John, Mauchline


Caldwell, Joseph, Mauchline
McGaan, James, Mill st

(Marker thus * are also spirit dealers)

Alexander, William, Mauchline
Baird, Hugh, Sorn
Brown, John, Mill st
Buchanan, William, St Cuthbert's holm
Cook, James, Mill st/ Gibb, James
Mill st/ Gibb, James, Mauchline
* Hood, James, Mauchline
* Lamont, Matthew, Mauchline
McGaan, William, Mauchline
* McJannet, Alexander, Mill
Mitchell, Robert, St Germain st
Morton, Janet, Mauchline
* Muir, Andrew, Mill st
Murray, Elizabeth, Mill square
Murray, Janet, St Germain st
* Pagan, Quentin McAdam, Mill sq
* Porteous, John, Bridge st
*Richard, Andrew, Mauchline
Seaton, Ann, Mill st
Tullock, James, Stewart place
Wallace, Hugh, Mauchline
Wilson, Robert, Damside, Sorn


Dunlop, George, Stewart place
Lynn, William Miller, Stewart place
Paterson & Lucas, Mauchline
Smith, Wm & Andrew (& cigar cases &c., to his majesty), Mauchline

Gibson, Richard, Mauchline
Nisbet, Robert, Mauchline
Ronald, William,  Mauchline
Smith, John, Mill square


Cameron, George, Sorn
Lire (?), Hugh, Mauchline
Nemo (?), James, Wood st


Blackwood (?), John, St Germain st
Hamilton, Douglas, Cow gate, Mauchline
Herbert, John, Mill st
Nicholson, James, Mauchline


Crawford, Wm (& clothier), Mill st
Graham, James, St Germain st
Lambie, James, St Germain st
Lambie, James, Mauchline
Lambie, John, Mauchline
Lambie, Margaret, Mauchline
Lambie, William, Mauchline
Logan, James, Mauchline
Montgomerie, John, Mauchline
Young, William, Bridge street


Ferguson, Montgomerie, Mauchline
Robertson, Matthew, Mill square


Hamilton, Alexander, Mauchline castle
Murdoch, William, Mauchline
Strathdee, John, Mauchline

Greenshield, Alex, brewer, St Germain st
Howat, Hugh, cattle dealer, Sorn
Kay, James, portrait painter, Sorn
Lire, Matthew, plasterer, Mauchline
McCarlin (?), Alexander, dyer, Cornmill st
Meikle, Hugh, painter, St Germain st
Stamp Office, Cross, Mauchline - John McGaan, distributor
Urquhart, John, auctioneer, Bridge st
Wilson, Robert & Hugh, millers, Sorn
Young, William, tinsmith, St Germain st

COACHES:To Carlisle, a coach (from Glasgow), calls at A. McGaan's coach office, Mauchline, every morning (Sunday excepted) at ten; goes through Sanquhar, Dumfries, Annan, &c - From Carlisle passengers are forwarded to London. To Glasgow, a coach (from Carlisle), calls at the above office every afternoon (Sunday excepted), at three; goes thro' Kilmarnock.

CARRIERS: To Ayr, Thomas Murray, from Stewart place, and John and George Reid, from Mauchline, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Glasgow, Donald McDonald, from Ford street, every Thursday; William and John Morton, from Wood street, every Monday and Thursday; and Robert McCandlish, from Mauchline every Monday.

To Glasgow and Kilmarnock, Francis Blain, from Wood street, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Kilmarnock, Francis Blain, from Catrine, and William Wallace, from Mauchline, every Tuesday and Friday; and Andrew Gibson from Mauchline, every Wednesday and Friday.

To Muirkirk, John and Gregory Reid, from Mauchline, every Monday and Thursday.