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Known locally as Brigen' / Brigend / Bridgend Corner

Image - Hughy Hodge

Image - Hughy Hodge
A rare pair of bootmaker James Baird's receipts from 1904 and 1905.


Photo - Library and Info sce, EAC

Photo ayrshirehistory.com

Photo - Library and Info sce, EAC

Photo ayrshirehistory.com
Brigen' was at one time a thriving row of houses, by the Round House, and at one time home to a tileworks, and bootmaker. The foundations of many of the housed are still to be found in the area, though it is somewhat overgrown nowadays. Notice the two different spellings on the old postcards. Up on the hill is Montgarswood farm.

Sorn Brigend Sorn Bridgend
Photos - David Sommervel


Photo Terry Harrison

Photos Terry Harrison


Photo Terry Harrison

Photo David Shaw

Left: The poet John S. Gall with some ploughing trophies outside Montgarswood Farm. Mr Gall was born in the Parish of Sorn on 30th September 1875. Right: Mrs Cameron at Brigend



Photo Margaret Morton

Photo Terry Harrison
Left: A photo of the "Roon Hoose", when it was actually a "Round House". It has since had some work done, and an extension built on. Right: A Mrs Young at the roundhouse. (Willie McClure's granny)


         Photo ayrshirehistory.com

The "Roon Hoose" is the only dwelling left at Bridgend corner. The weather vane, gates and posts were from the former mill in Catrine. This is a poor quality image taken with an early digital camera in 1998 or there abouts. We need to upgrade many of the older images on this web site to a more realistic resolution. It will be done in time.


Burn O' Need Bridge

Photo David Templeton

The Burn O' Need bridge, is on the old road which winds through the back woods between Sorn Mains and Brigen'. There is no archway left now, but many of the stones are still lying in the burn. I was down a walk in August 2009, and decided it was time to put the old photo on line. I did not have a camera with me that day for an up to date photo.

The bridge was still up in the 1980's. This was part of an old roadway, long since forgotten. Does anyone know for sure if it was part of an old "Edinburgh Road"?? I seem to recall being told this at the time I borrowed the photo, although an old map from Gall & Inglis seems to suggest it was simply the old road into Sorn Mains.


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