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Sorn - Damhead Sorn - Damhead, 1998
Photo Billy Gibson
Photo Lynette Stewart

Left: Damhead, from a 1947 Stevenson's Dairy Farm calendar. Notice the tall trees to the back of the house. The large stumps from these trees are still there in 2011, even though the trees had been cut by the 1960's!!
Right: Damhead 1998

Image - Billy Gibson

The full page from the 1947 Stevenson's calendar. Unfortunately we have no other pages available as yet. In the summer of 2011, The Cumnock Chronicle ran a series of interesting archive features, and came up with other old Stevenson's Dairy Farm calendars. In the early days of ayrshirehistory.com, we spoke to someone at Changue Dairy Farm, about these old photos / calendars, but that was as far as it got!

Sorn - Damhead
Photo Lynette Stewart
Photo Billy Frew

Right: Wull, Unid, Jean, and Mary Piper at Damhead


Photos - Billy Frew

Right: Wull Piper at Damhead, with Beechgrove, Woodlea, and the Woolmill in the background.


Photo Kenny Baird
Photo Kenny Baird

Left: 1980's view from a tv tower in Main Street. Right: A rather young Kenny Baird, around 1967, climbing the clothes pole, with an excellent view of the old Damhead in the background.


Photos Kenny Baird

Left: Taken during a high river in 1979, the old cottage at the time had no electricity, and at night the low light of the tillie lamps could be seen at the window. "Rab Reynold's" house was the last in Sorn to have electricity connected, in the early 80s!

Photo - Annon
Photo Terry Harrison

Left: Coming into Sorn from the Catrine road.
Right: The small ornamental tree on the right of the photograph at the corner, was called the Parasol Tree. The image is actually of soldiers on the march during the first world war. This is part of a set of cards taken at the time, and they can be seen elsewhere on this site.


Photo - Callum Allan
Photo - Billy Frew

Left: Barshouse, and Ivy Piper c.1910-1916. Right: Kate & Wull Piper at Barshouse, with dog Nell. Late 20s.


Photo Calum Allan
Photo Terry Harrison

Left: A pre 1904 view of "The Avenue", a well known walkway between the Heilar Road, or known locally as the "High Road" and Catrine Road. This was shut off in 2001 because of the Foot And Mouth scare.

Right: Geordie Cameron of Sandbed, near the "Parasol Tree", on the Catrine Road, which is modern bungalows nowadays. The tree grew at the "wee burn" at the corner below what currently is Mrs Anderson's house. The tree Chris Lees reports, was a small beech tree, kept trim in later years by Willie Girvan of Woodhead. This is the same Girvan, of Girvan's Wood, a name still given to the trees at the bottom of "The Avenue."

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