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On Thursday 5th July 2012, heavy torrential rain hit the Sorn area. Thunder and lightning and heavy rain put out power for a short time, as well as causing some localised flooding. Luckily this lasted only a relatively short time, and the flood water dispersed quickly. The road was closed between the Manse Roadend, and the Mauchline Road into the village. Water poured down the Cleugh Brae, and gathered at the road and car park around the cemetery.

The burn that normally goes under the road at the Manse Roadend brought down sticks and debris, enough to block the pipe, and thus the water poured out across the road, turning the B743 into a river.

It was interesting to hear from Auchenlongford, about three miles east, that they had no rain at all, and hence the River Ayr did not swell much in Sorn.

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The fire service appeared, although at this stage, there wasn't much to do but watch the water pour down the road. Luckily it found it's way to the River Ayr without causing as much damage as it perhaps could have. In the general scale of things, this was simply a cloudburst, or a localised flood. It wasn't a disaster, such as those we have seen on the TV many times before, from other lesser fortunate parts of the UK.


As can be seen, the depth of the water was pretty awesome at one stage, although thankfully it disappeared pretty quickly. The water poured through the gate at Mill Cottage.


The car park at the cemetery was more like a loch than a car park. And water cascaded through the woods and down the River Ayr walk, doon the auld Peth. The Cleugh Brae was a raging torrent at one stage.


Rain halted play, but only for a short time, at the "Glesga / Ayrshire" on the bowling green. The water on the Main Street was flowing freely down in front of Sandbed!! Ach well, another paddling pool for some!!!!


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