William Lyle of Mauchline
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Left: This image shows a train coming into Mauchline station, from Catrine. This is the well-known steam railway car, which travelled between Mauchline and Catrine.
Right: This shows what was once called Brown Terrace, before Park Terrace was built. The street is now simply called Barskimming Road, and is built up on both sides of the street. In the distance are the spires of Mauchline Parish Church and a little to the right, that of The Abbey Church.

Left: This photo shows Wilson Place, now the site of the curling stone works. The large building has long gone, but it is still within living memory. The dormer windows on the right hand side of the road are still there, as part of the houses at the start of Barskimming Road. In An Octogenarian’s Reminiscences, (Blair 1922) , the author recalls the previous houses on that site as being small low thatched dwelling houses, once a familiar sight around Mauchline village. A Mrs Lees a sister of Jean Armour lived in one of these houses, till her death around 1864. (Peter Westwood reports the date as 1855 in his book Jean Armour, My Life With Robert Burns).

Right: Loudoun Street, at the Loudoun Arms, next to the entrance to Netherplace. The gentleman taking the salute is Colonel Campbell, of Netherplace. According to An Octogenarian's Reminiscences, (Blair 1922), his homecoming was marked by great rejoicings, and the avenue from the Loudoun Hotel was the scene of a great display of fireworks, and in front of the house of Netherplace, salutes were fired from three small cannon, brought from Catrine.

Netherplace house, familiar to Burns in one form or another, but according to An Octogenarian’s Reminiscences, (Blair 1922) Ballochmyle, Barskimming and Netherplace were all rebuilt or extended in the author’s lifetime, thus the Netherplace Burns once knew may have been completely different.
Left: A rather deserted Loudoun Street, at the entrance into Mauchline Castle (left), and on the right the building known for years as Jamieson’s, now the modern day Cooperative. The two small houses beyond were the low buildings on the site of WF Blair, the Baker’s. Leormont the baker’s is on the immediate right.
Right: Gavin Hamilton’s House, and the old castle in the days before the church hall was built.

Left: A View of the ceiling inside the castle.
Right: Gavin Hamilton's house, very much as it is today.

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