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The following table shows the names of the winners of the Ballochmyle Silver Quoit which are engraved on the front side of the trophy. The first winner in 1840 was a Mauchline man, Alex Smith. The last man to win the trophy was also a Mauchline man, William Reid, in 1973.

1840 Alexs Smith Mauchline
1841 David Reid Tarbolton
1842 Alexs Smith Mauchline
1843 John Black Stair
1844 John Black Stair
1845 John Black Mauchline
1849 Robt Kirkland Mauchline
1850 Andw Cochrin Galston
1851 James Woodburn Loudoun
1852 Robt Kirkland Mauchline
1853 James Woodburn Loudoun
1854 Robt Kirkland Mauchline
1855 James Russell Loudoun
1856 Robt Kirkland Mauchline
1857 Robt Kirkland Mauchline
1858 Robt Kirkland Mauchline
1859 Robt Kirkland Mauchline
1860 John Stewart Auchinleck
1861 James Woodburn Loudoun
1862 Robt Kirkland Mauchline
1863 Robert Mirk Kilmarnock
1866 Willm McHattie Kilbirnie
1867 Willm McHattie Kilbirnie
1868 William McNair Loudon
1869 Willm Cleland Loudon
1870 Wm McIlveen Mauchline
1871 Robt Kirkland Mauchline
1872 Robt Kirkland Mauchline
1873 Robt Kirkland Mauchline
1874 Willm Cleland Loudon
1875 William McNair Loudon
1876 John Gilmour Hurlford
1877 David Bone Muirkirk
1878 David Bone Muirkirk
1882 John Park New Cumnock
1883 Archd Ferguson Kilmarnock
1884 Andrew Aiton Kilmarnock
1885 William Durney Dreghorn
1886 James Bone Glenbuck
1887 James McMurdo New Cumnock
1888 James Bone Glenbuck
1889 James McMurdo Old Cumnock
1890 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1891 Hugh Train Mauchline
1892 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1893 William Morton Darvel
1894 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1895 Andrew Connel Darvel
1896 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1897 Andrew Connel Darvel
1898 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1899 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1900 Andrew Connel Darvel
1901 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1902 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1903 Andrew Connel Darvel
1904 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1905 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1906 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1907 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1908 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1909 Thomas Bone Glenbuck
1910 William Connel Darvel
1911 William Wilson Springside
1912 John Durney Dreghorn
1913 Richard E McBryde ???
1914 James Orr Springside
1915 James Orr Springside
1916 Andrew Connel Darvel
1917 John Durney Dreghorn
1918 Bernard Price Annbank
1919 James Orr Springside
1920 John Durney Dreghorn
1921 George Willison Mauchline
1922 Andrew Connel Darvel
1923 Richard E McBryde ???
1924 Bernard Price Annbank
1925 David Goudie Springside
1926 David Goudie Springside
1927 Bernard Price Annbank
1928 Robert B Gilmour Stewarton
1929 Hugh Morton Darvel
1930 Tho S Barclay Stewarton
1931 Andrew Connel Darvel
1932 J Durnie ??
1933 Robert B Gilmour Riccarton
1934 W Carswell Irvine
1935 W Carswell Irvine
1945 W Anderson Darvel
1946 W Anderson Darvel
1947 R Dean Springside
1948 John White Mauchline
1949 John White Mauchline
1951 John White Mauchline
1966 J Halliday Mauchline
1973 W Reid Mauchline
The recently found Ballochmyle Silver Quoit.
The trophy is on display at the
Burns House Museum, courtesy of owner
Alex Wilson.
The back side of the Ballochmyle Silver Quiot.
The inscription reads:
Annual Challenge Prize
Presented to the Ayrshire quoit players
by Claud Alexander Esq
of Ballochmyle. anno 1840
The Mauchlineware box which stores the Ballochmyle silver quoit is made from wood from Ballochmyle estate. It has the image of a quoiter on it's lid, which can also be seen in the private collection of Willie Lyle.

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