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Image Jack Ramsay
From Cumnock Chronicle Sept 10th 1965.
"These are members of the Mauchline quoiting team, which recently won the Scottish Quoiting cup at Larkhall.
Back Row left to right: D Richmond, T McCracken, J Currie, T Stitt, N McGinn and J Steele jnr. Absent when photo was taken - J White, J Murray, J Guthrie, T McCormick, and D Carson." (At the pub??!)
Photo J Kirkpatrick
Mauchline Quoiters J Cartner (left), and J Kirkpatrick (right) at the quoiting green near the Loan Green.


Photo Willie Lyle
Photo Kenny Baird
Photo Willie Lyle

The local quoiting trophy was the Ballochmyle Silver Quoit, presented to the players of Ayrshire by Claud Alexander of Ballochmyle.

Click to view a table with the winners of the Ballochmyle Silver Quoit, which was played for between 1840 and 1973. The whereabouts of the quoit was unknown for many years, but is now on display at the Burns House Museum, Mauchline, courtesy of Mauchlineware expert, Alex Wilson.

Two photos were in the archives here at ayrshirehistory.com, but were unidentified and by passed because it was not known what the trophy looked like. After Alex brought the silver quoit back to Mauchline, and seeing it for the first time, it was obvious what the two photographs were. The gentleman in the above images is thought to be Robert Kirkland of Mauchline, who was the winner of the trophy 12 times. Willie's slide on the left shows the same image which is used on the Mauchlineware box in which the Ballochmyle silver quoit is kept.


Above are two transfers which are on either side of the box which holds the silver quoit.


Photo Burns House Museum


This trophy was presented to Mauchline Quoiting Club in 1895 by Marcus Bain, JP, of Woodside, Mauchline.

A permanent loan was astonishingly turned down by East Ayrshire Council's museum dept at Mauchline, and last heard of lying in a dusty garage. They seem to prefer tacky displays like the one below. OK, maybe you can tell I am not one to be excited by so called modern art. But I ask. Village history being turned away in preference of 60's style acid rock paintings of Burns with a "dug on his heid", and Burns with a "biscuit on his heid"..????

Thanks to Billy Reid for organising the photographs of the cup.