Barskimming Mill
Barskimming Mill, Mauchline Barskimming Mill, Mauchline
Photo Jim Bryson
Photo Terry Harrison
Views of Barskimming Mill, a mile or so from Mauchline. The mill building is still there in 2006, but in a very bad state of repair. There are other views of Barskimming Bridge and Mill on the slideshow page 291 elsewhere on this web site. Read about the fire which swept through the old Barskimming Mill from the Ayr Advertiser 7 September 1893, (retyped by Nancy Moffat). (This is a pdf file, which requires a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat.)

Barskimming Mill Dam
Photo Anon
The Mill Dam, and Mill on the left, as well as Barskimming Bridge centre, and a peek at Kemp's House on the right.
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