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Photo Alexa Pirrie
Photo - Mauchline Burns Club Book

The image on the left was emailed from Alexa Pirrie in 2010. Alexa made this very interesting entry in the guestbook...

"I have just come across your website by (lucky) accident!

My maternal grandmother's family were brought up at Barskimming (Alexanders but not of Ballochmyle Estate). Your website slideshow (photo 293g) depicts the house, which was apparently in Burns' time known as "The Kemp House", with people both outside the house and on the bridge. Is there any possibility anyone could tell me approximately when this photo was taken? It would be wonderful if it was around the period my family were there as there would be a distinct possibility these could be them.

As a matter of interest my great grandfather died as a result of injuries sustained when his horse bolted, overturned his cart and dragged him down the hill (from where I believe the creamery is now) to the door of the house.

On another note as I was browsing through your slide show I came across a photograph (283) of the Co-Op Grocery in Mauchline and standing in the doorway, along with some colleagues, is my grandfather (second from the right). This unexpected "blast from the past" has reduced me to tears! I am aware this photo would have been taken late 1920s/early 1930s as my papa worked at the Co-Op when my mother was born in 1932.

I shall be exploring your website in earnest as my grandfather's family were originally from Catrine and I know his father was a well respected figure I believe around the 1920s, he was Inspector of the Poor, and when he died the people of Catrine erected a rather large headstone/ memorial in Catrine Cemetery for him"

The image on the right was one that was sought after for many years to scan (the original was desired). In the end, we have to make do with this "photocopy quality" image from the excellent book by Mauchline Burns Club - MAUCHLINE IN TIMES PAST - 1986. (Still available from the Burns House Museum I believe)


Barskimming Bridge, and Kemp's House, Mauchline Barskimming Bridge, Mauchline, near where Burns wrote 'Man was made to mourn'
Photo Terry Harrison
Photo - Library and Information service, EAC

Barskimming Bridge, a mile or so outside Mauchline, on the back road to Stair, as opposed to the other old bridge of Barskimming over the Water Ayr leading to Barskimming House. The house on the corner is gone, but in Burns’ time was that of Mr Kemp, whose daughter Kate at one time caught Burns’ eye, and was the inspiration behind "Man Was Made To Mourn".

This is one of three Ayrshire bridges associated with the name of Burns. (The other two being The Auld Brigs o' Doon and Ayr) There are other views of Barskimming Bridge and Mill on the slideshow page 291 elsewhere on this web site.


Barskimming Mill Dam, Mauchline
Photo Anon

Surrounded by woodlands, the area around the old Barskimming Bridge boasts real natural beauty, despite the presence of a modern day treatment works, and is more than worthy of a visit by any student of Burns. The old Barskimming Mill is still standing in 2006, just, and on the left of the above image. Click to view some other images of the mill.


Barskimming Bridge, Mauchline
Barskimming Bridge, Mauchline
Photo Terry Harrison
Photo - Library and Information service, EAC


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