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Mauchline Coogate is now barely recognisable from the old Coogate that Burns would have been familiar with. The old sandstone buildings at the back of R&R Sports building were torn down to make way for Curling Stone Place. For good or bad, the old buildings are gone. The street line is still the same though.

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Photo Bill Blake
Photo Mary Imrie
Left: A clear image of the Coogate, taken in the 1950s. On the roof of the building on the left, there is a small statue/ bust, which can be seen close up by clicking on it. The lorry on the right is Anderson's.
Right: Taken from Mary's unidentified book, the bust is seen high above street level. Can anyone say if this is Rabbie or Jean, and where is it now?? The image is not really clear enough to determine who. Some think is is certainly a woman. I can only hope that someone out there will have the answer to the "where is it now" question.



A clear image of the Coogate from the collection of John Taylor Gibb / Willie Lyle. A sign is seen on the side of the double storey block nearest the church / main road. It reads to be HOSTELRY. The rest of the writing is unfortunately not clear. The sign is darkened a little on the image on the right, to show it up. There was at one time a pub in the Coogate, but maybe this was just a sign for Poosie Nansie's. It is such a shame that the image is just not quite clear enough.

Photo - Library & Information service, EAC
Photo - Library & Information service, EAC


Photo - Library and Information service, EAC
Photo - Terry Harrison


Image - Hughy Hodge
Photo - Hughy Hodge


Image ah.com archives
Photo Pat Aitken
The road into The Coogate from Earl Grey St used to look more like the above. The centre house, was a workshop belonging to Alexander the Cabinet maker. This photo was dated August 1970. There is only part of a wall remaining. This street was known as Princes Street. The gable of the garage can be seen on the left of the image. Alexander's old workshop is now used as a shortcut through the "Club Carpark". Notice his billheads say Earl Grey Street.

Photos taken during the construction of Curling Stone Place


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