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(New September 2013)

Photo - Kenny Baird
Photo - Kenny Baird
A couple of night shots of Mauchline, taken on 4th August 2009. Left, The Parish Church at dusk, and on the right, Loudoun Street with the church gates on the right


Photo Willie Lyle
Photo - Kenny Baird
LFFT: An old view of the Parish Church, showing how open the churchyard could be if all the current growth and brushwood was to be cut back, showing how grand the building really is, and dominating the town centre. Unfortunately today it is an attraction for vandalism, for which the brush and scrub gives excellent cover.

RIGHT: Image taken in August 2009 showing just how much the church is hidden from view nowadays. Trees may be nice, but on this spot they hide a majestic large building from its prominant place in the town.


Photo - Kenny Baird
Photo - Kenny Baird
Photos taken in July 2009 from a similar angle to the above early photo.

Photo Kenny Baird
Photo Library and Information service, EAC
Left: This plaque which is quite a way above the church door, is difficult to read from the ground. Click for a higher res readable version.

Right: An image of the Parish Church from before 1906. The church was opened for worship on 2nd August 1829. It stands on the site of the old church which would have been very familiar to Burns and his wife. The old kirk was take down in 1827.

Ministers of The Parish Church

1562 - 1566 Rev Robert Hamilton
1567 - 1617 Rev Peter Primrose
1621 - 1634 Rev John Rose
1635 - 1644 Rev George Young
1646 - 1655 Rev Thomas Wyllie
1656 - 1694 Rev James Vietch
1695 - 1739 Rev William Maitland
1742 - 1791 Rev William Auld
1792 - 1803 Rev Archie Reid
1804 - 1844 Rev John Todd (1843 disruprion)
1844 - 1874 Rev James Fairlie
1874 - 1890 Rev Andrew Edgar
1890 - 1930 Rev Dr Joseph Mitchell
1931 - 1947 Rev Dr David Easson
1948 - 1975 Rev James Glennie
1976 - 1990 Rev Dr Charles S Morrice
1991 - 2010? Rev Alan B Telfer

Photo ayrshirehistory.com
Photo ayrshirehistory.com
Inside the Parish Church, the Organ, and right, the impressive old stained glass windows.


Photos ayrshirehistory.com

Inside the Parish Kirk, hung on the wall is the old covenantor's flag dating from the late 1600s. There is another hanging in Sorn Castle. The two are photographed above, although both are in a difficult place to take a good snap.

Photo Terry Harrison
Photo Burns House Museum
Mauchline Kirkyard, scene of Burns' Holy Fair. The clear image on the left shows the North Kirk, now gone. All the other houses except for the one next to the North Kirk have gone.

Photo Hughy Hodge

A photo taken in the old Mauchline cemetery, looking towards The Cross, right of the girls, and the back of Nanse Tinnock's, left.


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