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Mauchline Facts & Figures

In this page, an attempt is made to put items of interest in chronological order, including their references, ie where the information came from. Remember to use the back buttons to return here.

1788 Robert Burns & Jean Armour set up house in today's Castle Street, Mauchline
1792 c Rev Auld (Daddy Auld) wrote the first statistical account of Mauchline
1796 Burgher Kirk built
1820 New Road & Earl Grey St opened up by demolition of amongst others, The Sun Inn (Earl Grey St) and James Smith's shop (New Road)
1827 Mauchline Auld Kirk taken down after about 650 years of service
1829 Mauchline Parish Church opened for worship on 2nd August 1829
1837 Rev John Tod wrote the 2nd statistical account of Mauchline
1846 Foundation stone of Ballochmyle Bridge layed acording to ancient useges of freemasonry on 5th September
1847 Keystone placed in position on Ballochmyle viaduct, Thursday 8th April 1847
1850 Ballochmyle Bridge opened for traffic
1859 Great celebrations to mark 100th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns
1859 Mauchline visited by sons of Burns. Col James Glencairn Burns, and William Nicol Burns
1859 Mauchline hit by a serious flood on 20th July
1860 Kirk end tree falls in kirkyard during a gale on 27th Feb 1860
1866 The co-operative building built on site of the Whitefoord Arms, Loudoun St / Coogate
1873 Archway at the side of The Loudoun Arms built
1878 Turnpike road tolls abandoned
1882 c Barskimming House fire, as referred to in JTG book page 61
1883 Mauchline Cemetery opened in Barskimming Road
1883 Burgher Kirk taken down to make way for North Kirk
1884 Abbey Kirk opened for worship on 16th August with full masonic honours
1887 Ballochmyle House reconstruction completed
1892 Barskimming old mill destroyed by fire
1893 Barskimming new mill foundation stone layed september 1893.
1895 Parish Church Hall opened
1896 Foundation Stone Layed for National Burns Memorial Tower
1897 Helen Steven publishes Mauchline, it's History & Associations
1908 Mauchline Cross tar macadamed over the old cobblestones
1910 c Richmond's house on the High Street slated
1911 John Taylor Gibb publishes the book, Mauchline Town & District
1922 WF Blair's booklet published - An Octogenarians Reminiscences
1955 Thatch removed from Poosie Nansie's. Date supplied by Bill Blake.
1968 New Post Office completed March 1968 at Mauchline Cross
1969 Abbey Kirk / Cinema demolished
1992 POST OFFICE at Mauchline Cross demolished 23rd - 30th November 1992
1996 Library opened on site of Post Office, Cross, December 1996.
2002 Mauchline Burns Club unveil the world's first statue to Jean Armour at Mauchline Cross

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