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Left: A Letter written by Tibbie Pagan, the poetess who set up house in Muirkirk on the banks of the Garpel Water in 1785. She died in 1820. Her remains were buried in the Kirkyard. Tibbie was famous for her song "Ca' the Yowes Tae the Knowes," which Burns reputedly "hijacked."
Right: The Kirkgreen Branch of Muirkirk Co-operative Society, which later moved round the corner into Bridge Street, but was still called Kirkgreen Branch! Before the Co-operative Branch was built this building housed the old Post Office.

Left: The Railway Bridge near Ashieburn
Right: March House, west of Muirkirk on the Cumnock Road.

James Hyslop, the Shepherd Poet from Nether Wellwood Farm, author of "The Cameronian Dream."
Left: The Baird Institute at the entrance to the Victory Park in the Main Street. This building was gifted to the people of Muirkirk by Col. J. G. A. Baird of Wellwood in 1888. It closed in 1953, and the building was demolished in 1957.
Right: The Waukmill, near Ashieburn, which was formerly a flax mill. It was here that a sluice gate allowed water from the River Ayr to feed the canal which was used to transport coal and limestone by barge to the Ironworks in Muirkirk, about two miles westwards. The house was last occupied in 1926.

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