Jimmy Taylor's Glass (File 5)
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Left: Winter at Wellwood House
Right: Wellwood House, built in 1600, and extended in 1740. A further extension was added in 1878. It was the home of Col. J.G.A. Baird of Wellwood. It was demolished in 1928.

Left: The old Wellwood Bridge. The horseman is Archibald Freebairn, head gamekeeper at Wellwood Estate. The bridge was replaced in 1931
Right: Remains of the Monastry built by the Monks of Melrose at Greenockmains

Glenbuck House, built by Charles Howatson in 1880. Demolished 1948.
Left: Main Street showing left to right: Co-opertive , U.F. Church, and Rennies Bar, originally Wee Kate's (later to become Wallace's Bar). It was demolished in 1972. The Store Clock was erected in the year of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.
Right: Dundas U.F. Church in Main Street. Converted to the Dundas Hall in 1917. In 1938 it was converted into the Regal Cinema, but was gutted by fire in 1939, only to be-reopened the same year. It was demolished in 1972.

Left: E.U. Congregational Church in Glasgow Road. Built 1878. Closed 1965.
Right: The interior of Muirkirk Parish Church before it was gutted by fire in 1949. It was rebuilt and opened in 1953

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