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Left: Furnace Road looking north. Higher Grade School gate and Morton Place on the right. Top of the picture is the Great Inn, built in 1790 as a coaching house, and later converted to Irondale House. The building was demolished in 1960.Gasworks Cottages are to the left. The storey building top left was the Railway Tavern. This closed in 1917.
Right: Main Street looking east. On the left Douglas Place (demolished 1960) and the Temperance Hall. On the right is the entrance to the Donald School (erected 1864).

Left: The Temperance Hall. Built in 1888 by the Templars' Society.. Converted to a Picture House in 1912. Closed in 1961. It was demolished in 1972.
Right: Main Street -Glasgow Road corner. Notice in the centre of the photo - a gas street lamp and water pump. The houses on the right were demolished in 1936.

Left: Cyclists at Haystackhill, at the entrance to Wellwood Estate, west of Muirkirk.
Right: The railway bridge on the road to Crossflat Farm

Left: The Covenanter Memorial in Muirkirk cemetery, gifted by Charles Howatson of Glenbuck
Right: The Deil's Back Door - a favourite walking destination on the Glenmuir Water above Glenmuirshaw.

Left: Old Bank Cottage at the top of Main Street.
Right: The United Free Wellwood Church in Glasgow Road and the Manse House, presently occupied by Bert Parker

Left: Eddie Cringan, The Keelman.
Right: Charles Howatson of Glenbuck (1832-1918).

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