Jimmy Taylor's Glass (File 3)
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Left: Mattha Haddow, a local character, pictured behind the Railway Buildings at Southside.
Right: The Co-operative Butcher's cart at Railway Buildings, Southside.

Left: Penbreck Farm near the Glenmuir Water.
Right: One of the oldest photos in the collection. The corner of Bridge Street and Burnside Road, before Madeleine Place was built. Garronhill is to the rear.

Carbello Pass

Left: Muirkirk Ironworks from the High Weighs. In the foreground is the canal basin. The structure in the centre is the scrubber plant, and the chimneys on the right formed part of the chemical plant.
Right: Sorn Kirk, also in the Sorn section, but in this collection, so it was included here.

Left: Unknown
Right: The falls at Ashieburn

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