Jimmy Taylor's Glass (File 2)
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Left: The Sorn "Packman" on the straight above Limmerhaugh Brae
Right: The Dipple Water, east of the Strathaven Road.

Left: The Holm Park, Smallburn, was opened around 1896, and was a sports field/football pitch encircled by a cycling track. It was situated across from the present Filling Station. Because of the encroachment of deposits from the slag bing it was closed in 1909.
Right: The Rocky Burn, above Upper Wellwood Farm

Left: William Adam's (The Covenanter) grave, just above Upper Wellwood Farm.
Right: Muirkirk Ironworks showing the scrubbing furnaces and engine house. The photo was taken in 1880. The Ironworks were opened in 1787 and closed in 1920. Demolition took place in 1936.

Left: Telford's Smiddy situated just off the Main Street across from Hogg's the Baker.
Right: Smallburn looking west. The ground on the left was where the Railway Buildings were built, which was later to house Lodge St. Thomas, No. 201, and Kames Social Club. This is one of the earliest photos of Muirkirk. The storey building on the left is "The Rookery." So called because when it was built they forgot the steps to the upper floor, which meant only the "rooks" could use it!

Tibbies Brig on the Garpel Water
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