Jimmy Taylor's Glass Negatives (File 1)
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Left (front to rear): Co-operative Offices (Opened 1928), Empire Bar, Athletic Café which changed to Derby Café (Da Prato's); right: Steele's Shop, Gospel Hall (meeting place for the Muirkirk Plymouth Brethren, known locally as "The Dippers.).
Right: A close-up of the road sign-post at Glasgow Road Corner.

Left: GLASGOW ROAD (same view as above): Note the white entrance in the middle of the picture which was known as Paddy's Close, and was used as a shortcut through Burns Property to the Victory Park.
Right:GLASGOW ROAD (South): On the right is Muirkirk U.F. Church (opened 1845, closed 1949) and Manse. In the centre of the picture can be seen the smoking chimney stacks of the Ironworks.

Left: On the left is Toll Cottage next to the whitewashed Eagle Tavern.
Right: A closer view of the same

The Toll Cottage and Eagle Tavern. Note gas street lamp on left side. In 1935 there were 94 gas street lamps in the village.

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