Jimmy Taylor's Glass Negatives (File 2)
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Left: Gasworks on the left, Morton Place and the Dandy's Shop on the right, and top centre is Irondale House.
Right:Left gasworks and right the woodwork room of Muirkirk Higher Grade school. Top centre is Irondale House, which housed Kames Colliery Officials, as well as the local Doctor, and the Surgery was to the rear.

Right: FURNACE ROAD (Close-up): Left to right - Gasworks Office, Gasworks Row, Irondale Cottage (occupied by James Clement, local haulage contractor); the storey building is the Railway Tavern, which was later to become a Bakery Shop and then taken over by Archie Mitchell (Painter and Decorator) in 1946; and right is Irondale House, which was demolished in 1960.

GARRONHILL (West)             GARRONHILL (East)
Demolition of the old houses was commenced in 1935, to be replaced by the present Council Houses.

Left:MAIN STREET from Glasgow Road corner. The white sheet is on the window of the old Post Office. The houses and shops on the right were demolished in 1936, and replaced by the present Council houses.
Right:MAIN STREET (Close-up): The Old Post Office (W. S. Blackwood), Hodge the Jeweller, and the Central Bar (run by the Dunbar Family). The old Post Office moved to its present location in 1931.

Left: MAIN STREET from Glasgow Road corner.
Right: MAIN STREET from Glasgow Road corner.

Left: MAIN STREET (Close-up): Post Office (with the street water pump in front), Jewellers, and Central Bar. The last street water pump in Muirkirk was removed in 1962.
Right: MAIN STREET looking East.

Left: MAIN STREET from the Stile: On the left is Douglas Place and the Temperance Hall; on the right is the entrance to the Donald School.
Right: MAIN STREET (East): On the left the Temperance Hall, and on the right is the playshed at the Donald School.

On the left is Jack's Drapery Shop, Co-op. Bakery Shop, Co-op. Central Grocery with the original "Toon Store Clock, which was replaced in 1950; centre of picture is the Black Bull Hotel; on the right is Doctor Carruther's House and the Baird Institute (demolished in 1957). At top centre can be seen the bell tower of the Dundas Church. Just visible in the centre of the picture is the Slag Bing

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