Jimmy Taylor's Glass Negatives (File 3)
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Left: WELLWOOD HOUSE with the River Ayr in the foreground. The bridge is no longer there. This was the home of Colonel J. G. Baird of Wellwood, and was used as a convalescent home during World War 1 for Belgian casualties of the conflict. It was demolished in 1928.
Right: KAMESHILL HOUSE (across from the Ironworks): Housed managers of the Ironworks and Kames Colliery


Left: IRONWORKS INSTITUTE and Ironworks Cottages; to the rear can be seen the entrance to Linkieburn Square.The Institute was erected in 1904 to provide recreational facilities for the ironworkers, and included a billiard room, reading room with extensive library, baths, and a large hall which housed many of the local activities of the day. It + became Muirkirk Community Centre in the latter half of last century, and then became an Outdoor Pursuit centre for the Education Authority. It is now in private hands.
Right: KAMES MISSION CHURCH with the Institute in the background. The Church was built in 1904, and had a very attractive interior, and was the scene of many weddings in the Southside. It closed in 1952 and was demolished in 1957. The beautiful stained glass windows of Kames Church were removed to Muirkirk Parish Church after the fire in 1949, and are still there to-day.

Left: ST. THOMAS R.C. CHURCH, Wellwood Street: Built in 1906.
Right: MUIRKIRK PARISH CHURCH in Kirkgreen: Erected 1813.

Left: KIRKGREEN, with Parish Curch top and Black Bottle Tavern on the right, which was demolished in 1960.
Right: KIRKGREEN: The Parish Church and Black Bottle Tavern

Left: WELLWOOD STREET from Glasgow Road.
Right: WELLWOOD STREET from Glasgow Road.

CROFTHEAD (near Tardoes), home of the Pearson Family

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