Jimmy Taylor's Glass Negatives (File 4)
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Left: AULDHOUSE BURN GOLF COURSE: Driving over the blaze bing to the 6th green. The tee was situated near Megslea.
Right: AULDHOUSEBURN GOLF COURSE: Putting out on the seventh green. Note in top corner right smoke coming from the engine of the Caledonian Train (Lanark to Muirkirk).

Left: AULDHOUSEBURN GOLF COURSE: The Clubhouse and 9th green. Note the boy is holding the flag which is composed of hide and feathers. The Golf course was opened in 1910. Because of restrictions on the cutting of fairways the the Club reluctantly had to give up the course, which closed in 1956 However, the officials decided to donated the Clubhouse as an Old Folks Cabin, and it was removed to its present site next to the Manse House in Smallburn in 1958.
Right: TENNIS COURTS: The original tennis courts at Victory Park which were flooded in the winter months and used as a curling rink. Note the Bowling Club Pavillion in the background. It was more recently made into a putting green.

Left: GALA DAY: Muirkirk Co-operative Gala Day at the Victory Park showing children in the Fancy Dress Parade. Note Wellwood Avenue in the Background. Click here for a close up of the kids.
Right: GALA DAY: A winner in the Fancy Dress Parade of Muirkirk Co-operative Gala Day.

Left: GALA DAY: More Entrants in the Fancy Dress Parade.
Right: GALA DAY: Another threesome at the Gala Day.

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